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In the very near future, we will be launching a brand new shiny website dedicated to comic subscriptions – it’s going to be very nice!

Until then, if you want take advantage of our fantastic service and prices, then please contact us here.

Currently, our prices are:
$2.99 = £1.99
$3.99 = £2.55
$4.99 = £3.09

Postage will be £1.15 for the first comic, and just 25p for each additional comic.

Why don’t we offer “free postage” like we do on eBay?   Well, eBay strongly encourage retailers to sell items with postage included in the price – but postage is never actually free, and you could be spending too much! Check the table below…

Number of $2.99 Comics “Free” Postage Simon’s Collective
1 £3.14 £3.14
2 £6.28 £5.38 (saving 90p)
3 £9.42 £7.62 (saving £1.80!)


…and so on.  If you’re buying your comics with “Free Postage”, then you’re not getting the best deal.

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